Welcome to the University of Oregon Cybersecurity Club!

Who are we?

We are a group of UO undergraduate students who are interested in and geared towards advancing student knowledge in all elements of cybersecurity.

What do we do?

Weekly Meetings

UO Cybersecurity’s weekly meetings are a place for student members to come together to train and learn. We host speakers, lead workshops, and have student-led presentations. Stay tuned! We'll post all of our speakers and workshops on our calendar.

Capture the Flag (CTF) Competitions

CTFs are hacking competitions put on in different locations around the world and online. Groups of all kinds, including student groups, compete to practice their skills and learn the ins and outs of threats they will likely encounter from dangerous hacking entities in their various careers of choice. Our club trains our members with the goal of competing in competitions.

Conferences/Volunteer Events

Attending and volunteering at conferences and summits is a great way for students interested in cybersecurity to learn and network. The UO Cybersecurity Board is in the process of planning for the conferences and summits the club will attend this year. Stay tuned! We will post all of our events on our calendar.

When do we meet?

We meet in the Allan Price Science Library with additional room and time information to be posted during the school year. See our calendar for schedule changes or special events.

How can I join?

Join our Discord server and stop by our meetings! Message us on social media or email us (uosecurityclub@uoregon.edu) if you have any questions.

Discord join link: discord.gg/wn4T3byxh4

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